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Welcome to Chef in the HOUSE

A Personal Chef Service is your answer to great tasting, healthy, affordable meals enjoyed in the comfort of your home without the daily grind of shopping and cooking.

Whether you are planning to entertain Dinner guests for a special occasion or just don't have time to cook for yourself a Personal Chef is your best option.

At Chef in the HOUSE we offer a professional meal preparation service. A client's personal tastes drive the creation of their customised menu. All meals are prepared in the client's home and if you have chosen our home cooking service, packaged, labeled and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The service includes:

Customised Menu Planning
Love pasta? Hate onions? Not enough garlic?
Our Personal Chef Service takes the time to learn about your individual needs and preferences. We use this information to create delicious meals to your individual tastes.
Grocery Shopping
Don't have time to shop then wait in the Supermarket queue?
A Personal Chef Service will do all the shopping for you, in fact they will even take you along if you like. They purchase the freshest and finest ingredients just before coming to your home and preparing your meals.
In-Home Meal Preparation
Tired of the hassle of preparing meals everyday?
A Personal Chef comes to your home with everything needed to prepares multiple personalised meals in your kitchen.

Dinner Parties

For up to 20 Guests* in your own home or a venue of your choice. There is a minimum charge of £250 and prices start from £39.00 per person for a 3 course dinner.

*More than 20 persons may require extra staffing. 

Cookery Classes

We love to teach people how to cook and can be booked for individual or group tuition. Items to be cooked are decided in advance and prices vary according to complexity of dishes and size of class attending.

Storage and Cleanup
No more Dirty sinks, pots and pans or greasy stove?
Your Chef in the HOUSE Personal Chef packages and stores your meals in your refrigerator and freezer. They leave your kitchen sparkling clean and your home filled with aromas of freshly prepared foods. A full deep clean can be quoted for and arranged.

Who uses a Personal Chef Service?

More and more people from all walks-of-life are hiring a Personal Chef Service. If you appreciate great food, enjoy personal service, and want more time for your busy schedule, a Personal Chef Service is exactly what you need.

  • Dinner Party planners
  • Busy Professionals
  • Families on the go
  • People with Special Dietary Needs
  • Affluent Senior Citizens

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